Cross-Border Benefits

HBS understands the challenges of a foreign company operating in the US marketplace.

Our employee benefits team at HBS understands the many challenges for Canadian owned companies trying to design and administer U.S. benefit plans properly from a foreign marketplace. The challenges in the cross-border market require a specialized expertise, direct client relationship, and a global strategy.

HBS begins with a team strategy to navigate through this marketplace to create the optimal benefits package for employee protection and growing your global business.

Download our Cross-Border Benefits Summary (PDF)

The Challenges
  • Administering a US plan through Canadian HR with limited US benefits expertise
  • The healthcare cost of 1 US employee is equal to 10 Canadian employees
  • Canadian advisor is not licensed or qualified to direct the client in the US health and wealth market
  • Mandatory underwriting challenges:
    • No US office
    • Multi-state employee population
    • Selecting the appropriate doctor and hospital network
    • Controlling increasing US healthcare costs to the company and employee
  • Designing an industry specific US package to attract and retain the right US employee talent
  • Remaining compliant with US healthcare reform, and changing mandates
HBS Solutions
  • Designing an industry specific US benefits package to be competitive in a foreign marketplace
  • Remaining compliant with US healthcare reform, and changing mandates
  • Cross-Border expertise and advising directly with the Canadian administration team
  • Provide creative funding and plan design solutions to lower annual healthcare cost increases
  • Partner with the Canadian benefits advisor, for a team approach globally
  • Preferred vendor products and plan alternatives designed to accommodate any employee population in any particular US state
  • Monthly travel to Canada to meet clients in person and build a relationship and strategy in the US benefits market
  • Our team will keep the client up to speed on any major US reform or changes that will impact them

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